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A History of Notable Firsts

In the course of his long career, Daniel has achieved a number of firsts – among them, prosecuting the first federal criminal environmental case to go to trial in South Carolina and defending the first criminal healthcare case to go to trial in the state. Such achievements have cemented Daniel's reputation as a tenacious and talented lawyer. In the early '90s, Daniel became widely known throughout South Carolina and beyond as the lead prosecutor for Operation Lost Trust, the largest and most successful legislative public corruption case in U.S. history.

As Seen In… Forbes, June 27, 2011

Former Federal Prosecutor Quietly Dominates on Defense
E. Bart Daniel | Attorney at Law

Bart Daniel Attorney at Law

Attorney E. Bart Daniel has spent many years skillfully and successfully defending executives and corporate clients in a variety of high-stakes criminal cases. What truly separates Daniel from his peers is his lengthy and distinguished record as a federal prosecutor – a unique qualification for the role he now plays.

In 1980, Daniel began serving as Assistant State Attorney General, prosecuting white collar cases in state courts as a member of the state's Economic Crime Unit. He then moved on to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting fraud, tax, securities and customs violations.

By 1989, he had been appointed U.S. Attorney for South Carolina by President George H. W. Bush. Throughout his prosecutorial career, Daniel was the driving force behind federal grand jury investigations, directing the efforts of federal agencies such as the FBI, the IRS and the Office of Inspector General.

For many years and to wide acclaim, Daniel doggedly pursued the very types of cases he now defends. And there is no better advantage for a defense attorney than having been on the other side.

Unrivaled in Key Practice Areas

Both inside and outside the courtroom, Daniel is a powerful presence, having defended CEOs, CFOs, general counsel and other high-level representatives of Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of civil and criminal investigations. His mounting successes in the areas of healthcare, securities, tax, antitrust, environmental, bank fraud and government contracts reflect his previous experience leading these and other types of government investigations.

"No federal prosecutor has had greater or swifter impact on the body politic of South Carolina than Bart Daniel…we salute him for a formidable job well done."

– The State newspaper

In recent years, healthcare enforcement has comprised a substantial share of Daniel's practice. When he isn't representing healthcare providers, hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and other industry professionals, Daniel is writing books, publishing articles and lecturing on the subject. His in-depth expertise in this area is in high demand – not just among clients but also among his fellow attorneys, healthcare providers, and government prosecutors, auditors and investigators.

Discretion in All Matters

Soft-spoken, affable and a consummate professional, Daniel stands in stark contrast to the stereotypical high-profile, publicity-seeking attorney so often dramatized on television. He refuses to make a spectacle of his clients' cases. Instead, he hun- kers down in signature fashion, bringing to bear the full weight of his experience to guide each case to a swift and optimal conclusion. While Daniel may be best known for his successful courtroom defenses in high-profile cases, his biggest wins have come privately – convincing prosecutors and investigators to decline criminal prosecution and quietly close their files.

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