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Bart Daniel Attorney at Law

Bart has successfully prosecuted and defended numerous state and federal criminal tax investigations. He is uniquely qualified to defend such cases as during his time as an Assistant State General, he was the primary prosecutor on all state criminal tax cases. Later as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, he was the primary federal prosecutor on most criminal tax cases. Bart has successfully prosecuted and defended at trial several complex "net worth plus expenditure" cases. He has handled almost every type of criminal tax case.

Bart is proactive yet discreet, understanding the sensitive nature of a criminal tax investigation to his highly respected clients. Whether the matter is being investigated by the United States Attorney, the State Attorney General, or an investigative agency such as the IRS or the DOR, he has a proven track record. While Daniel is best known for his successful courtroom defenses in high profile cases, his biggest wins have come privately, convincing prosecutors and investigators to decline criminal prosecution and quietly close their files.

As with other areas of Daniel's white collar practice, he discreetly determines the nature and scope of the problem and advises his clients on the advisability of self-reporting, commencing settlement discussions or mobilizing for trial.

Bart co-authored State and Federal Tax Crimes (1996) with the Director of the Department of Revenue for South Carolina along with his Chief Deputy of Enforcement and a federal prosecutor. This publication discusses the federal criminal tax statutes and compares each to its parallel state counterpart. It also outlines the differences between the federal and state statutes and their penalties.